Vegan in Vegas

Oh how times have changed. Over the last decade the amount of vegan options in vegas has flourished! About 10 years ago I remember my only real option was to get fresh groceries at the store, and fill my sink in my hotel room with ice to keep my fruit/veggies fresh (like most people do with their beer), because there was close to zero good vegan options in vegas. Everything seemed to be covered in bacon, cheese, or butter; it was such a hassle to search for options it was never worth the headache. Now, there's vegan restaurants, menus, and options everywhere. 

I am a person who revolves life around conveinece. So, even though there are some rad fully vegan restaurants in Vegas, I have yet to try them because they are not right on the strip. The inconvenience with having to drive somewhere always beats my cravings. I made a wish list of places I want to try, along with a list of the super convenient places that I have tried! If you happen to try any places on my "wish list", then let me know if it's worth the extra effort! 

My favorite go-to vegan options in vegas: 

1. Sushi Samba

vegan sushi.png

This is number one on my list because it is located in the Palazzo hotel where I stay often, therefore it is super convenient, and it has an entire vegan menu! Just ask the waiter for it, and they will bring it out. I always get Edamame and the Amazonia Roll because those are the most delicious and the healthiest options! But, if you are feeling naughty they have tempura veggies, and even vegan desserts. 


Vegan Sushi
green juice

Juice Farm has a wide range of fresh juices and smoothies. My favorite smoothie on their menu is the TropiKale, it is loaded with kale and spinach but still tastes fruity and delish. I always grab one of these before hitting the pool!  


3. Espressamente Illy

This place has been my go-to coffee spot because of their short lines and wide range of vegan milks. Of course you can always get Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but they always seem to have really long lines (patience is not my virtue). 

4. Cinnaholic


OMG YUM. That pretty much summarizes Cinnaholic. I finally tried it on my way out of vegas and it was so delicious. I ate an entire Birthday Cake Cinnamon Roll. After, I thoroughly regretted eating the whole thing, and would definitely recommend splitting it with a friend or two. I don't usually eat sugar, so when I do I feel sick for a day or so (sugar hangovers are real!), but it was worth it. 

Vegan Resturants in Vegas (that I want to try):

1. Black Out: Dining in the dark

2. Vegenation: A little bit of everything 

3. Panchos Vegan Tacos: Mexican style vegan food

4. Go Vegan Cafe: Breakfast and more

5. Simply Pure: Raw Vegan Food


If you have any reccomendations, leave a comment below and let me know!