Two Ingredient Pineapple Nice Cream

Some days you feel like spending hours in the kitchen, taking lots of time to make a complex dish and make it look nice. Other days, you just want to eat something simple and easy.

Thankfully, there's a happy medium, and it's this nice cream! Everybody by now must know that I'm in love with banana-based vegan ice cream, called nice cream. It's super versatile, and lets me turn my favorite smoothie flavors into ice cream with only a few short minutes of blending. This one is the simplest possible one, as it only includes two ingredients, so you can get creative with how you serve it!


  1. One cup frozen pineapple

  2. One frozen banana

That's it! If you want it to be a little sweeter than add some stevia to taste. You will need a good blender to make this without having to add liquid (which turns it into a smoothie). The goal is to make this as thick as a sorbet. Pulse the blender and scrape the sides as needed until it is smooth. Be careful to not over-do the blending or you will start to liquefy it!

** If you are having a hard time blending then add some coconut water to help it move along (a little goes a long way).

If you feel it getting overwhelmed by the banana flavoring, just make sure you add more pineapple. For the picture I used the pineapple that I froze, hollowed it out with an ice cream scoop, and then simply poured the ice cream straight from the blender into the pineapple. It makes for a great snack for a party; it can be made super quickly, and then you'll have plenty of time to make it look pretty after!