Why I love to Exercise

Exercise is a privilege, not a chore. For me working out is a way of life.  A simple workout has the power to completely change my mood. Having a positive mindset about working out makes all the difference. After a workout I am guaranteed to feel more confident, accomplished, happier, driven, inspired, motivated, stronger, more fit, and ultimately just BETTER! Sure there are days when I am exhausted or unmotivated but even on those days I think about how good I will feel after. Never have I ever regretted a workout! 

Why working out is AWESOME: 


Working out releases endorphins, which pretty much makes your brain tell your body to feel good. It is described as a similar feeling to being high on morphine. So we should all stay high friends.... on exercise-induced endorphins of course. BEWARE.... you might feel so good that you will want to workout again, and again..... and again. ;)


Who doesn't love to feel strong and flexible?! Day to day tasks feel so much easier when you don't have to strain to bend over and pick something up. And that feeling of being able to lift heavy s*** and not ask for help because you're not a weakling.... I love it.


Just because you hear the word “exercise” doesn’t mean that it can only be done at the gym! I exercise every chance I get, wherever I am. Exercise isn’t always “gotta do crunches and run the mile”, it’s more of a “gotta be productive wherever I am”. My favorite form of exercise is (obviously) yoga. You can take yoga with you everywhere, and it always leaves you feeling AMAZING.

I think that everyone should exercise. It literally makes you better from the inside out! However, as humans we seem to be naturally programmed to create a list of excuses in our heads to give ourselves an out and to make us feel better about being LAZY AF. So I have complied a little list of excuses and FAQs. 

lame excuses to not workout: 

  1. I don't have time to workout because... xyzzzzzzzz. 
    • We all have busy lives and stuff to do. Simply learn how to multi-task and MAKE time for it. Think of your workouts as a meeting with yourself. Put it on your schedule, show up on time with a smile on your face, and get it done. 
  2. No but really, I don't have time. 
    • Do you have time to meet up woth friends? Turn your social time into fitness time. You can hike, walk, or take a fitness class with a friend instead of going for food, coffee, or drinks. Pretty much anytime I meet up with a friend we are working out. Becuase that is my lifestlye, and I only allow people in my life who line up with my lifestlye goals and promote a positve and healthy life. 
    • Do you need to make calls or answer emails? Do that while you go on a walk. On days when I am too busy to go to the gym I will just go walk for an hour while I answer emails/calls. 
    • Do you have time to watch TV? I pretty much only allow myself to watch TV while I am working out. When I see a new episode of one of my fav tv shows posted on Hulu, I grab my Ipad and cell phone and hop on the elliptical. I will watch my fav show, answer emails, and workout all at the same time! Multitasking at its finest. 
  3. I am too tired/ not in the mood.
    • Refer to above where i explained how excersing makes EVERYTHING better. Just do it. You will feel better after. 
  4. I will strart tomorrow (Or Monday). 
    • This one makes me LOL. You live in the NOW, so start NOW. Saying you will do something later is nothing more than an excuse to be lazy now. 


  1. How do I workout when I am unmotivated? 
    • Workout with a friend. Having a person relying on you to be there makes you more likely to show up. 
    • Do something different. Go on a hike, or walk your dog, anything that will change up your routine. 
    • Try out classes at a local gym. I like to take cycle and Pilates classes! 
    • Set new goals!
  2. How do I workout when I travel often?
    • I make it a point to find the gym at whatever hotel/resort I am first thing. If I get there early enough I like to squeeze in a workout on the first day. I also make an effort to workout almost everyday on vacations to stay in the routine and to feel better throughout my trip. Also if I'm going to be in a bikini all day I like to workout first so I feel toned and more confident! 
    •  If there is no gym access I usally bring resistance bands or TRX straps. I will usually do a quick 20 min workout then go for a walk or run! 
  3. How do I not plateau? 
    • Hire a trainer or try something new! I recently started swimming laps and my body is sore in all new spots! It keeps me motivated and keeps my body from getting used to my workouts. 
  4. What kind of workouts should I do? 
    • Whatever gets you moving! Just stay active! If you don't know where to start then take classes! 



My typical full body gym Workout:

  • 45 minute Stairmaster

  • Cable Kickbacks: (20 lbs 15x4 each

  • Squat & Sidekick Cable (10 lbs) 12x3 each

  • Inclined Side Dips (25 lbs) 15x3 each

  • Inclined Back Extensions (25 lbs) 15x3 each

  • Squat Press (90 lbs) 15x3

  • 1 Leg Squat Press (90 lbs) 12x3 each

  • 100 banded walking lunges

  • Seated Calf Raise (50 lb) 20 x3

  • Toes to bar 10 x 3

  • Pull-ups 10 x 3 (Broken up or use weighted assist)

  • Dips with weighted assist 10 x3

  • 15-minute treadmill. 

Don't forget abs!

  • 1-minute plank 

  • Switching side to side plank x 20

  • 100 Mountain Climbers 

  • 100 Flutter Kicks