Tropical Acai Bowl

Smoothie bowls are an everyday meal for me. Once it starts to get cold out, and by cold I mean like under 70 degrees (my Californian blood likes it in the 90’s), I enjoy eating my acai bowls while relaxing in a nice steamy mermaid bath (or the hot tub). Nothing is better than snacking on frozen treats while soaking in SUPER hot water (just me?!).

This vegan açaí bowl recipe is packed with my favorite fruits as well as spinach to make it a nutritional powerhouse meal! You can change up the toppings as you like. I have been loving frozen mango and pomegranate seeds on top of my smoothie bowls lately because this combo has the perfect about of tartness and sweetness.   



A powerful blender is key to making thick smoothie bowls. I have been using Blendtec for years and absolutely LOVE it. It blends everything SO fast and SO smoothly! Click here to get your own!

Acai Nutritional Super Powers:

  • High in fiber

  • Rich in Vitamin A and Calcium

  • Packed with antioxidants

  • A good source of healthy fats

What are your favorite smoothie bowl toppings? Comment below!