I visited New York for only 3 days and tried to see everything! I asked you guys for recommendations and definetly tried out a few of those spots! So here is a quick recap of my trip! 


NYC Vegan Food

My first night in NYC ended up with a lot of failed plans. (delayed flights and missed dinner reservations) I was recommended by a few of you to try this place because they have bomb salads. I looked it up, saw a picture of the kale salad online and knew it was going to be good. I am a salad connoisseur, I have really high standards of what makes a "good salad" and this place passed with flying colors. Anyways, I ended up walking 20 minutes in the pouring rain with no umbrella (because I am a dumb California girl who doesn't pack for rain) because I was convinced this salad would turn my night around. Fortunately, it did. The staff at The Butchers Daughter were all super friendly, service was perfect, food was great = happy girl. I even went back here a few days later and tried an Açaí bowl for breakfast and it was divine. 

Another place you guys recommended me to try was By Chloe: I love this place because it was completely plant based! I got the Kale Caesar which had shiitake “bacon” and it was magical! I would definitely come back here in the future! 

Vegan Doughnuts in Grand Central Station:  This little stand was called the Doughnut Plant. I couldn’t choose between the chocolate frosted chocolate or the banana maple donuts, so I got both. Don’t judge me. I would definitely recommend grabbing one if you’re passing through! 

NYC Vegan Food

Places I went...

Pretty much everywhere, but the places that stood out the most were walking down wall street, times square, grand central station, and central park. And of course I did yoga in all of those places! 

I also visited the Alo New York store which was super exciting because some of my photos were up on the walls! I didn't have time to teach a yoga class when I was there but I definitely will next time! The studio is huge and gorgeous! The timing of my store visit was perfect because I got to meet @victoria.arvizu who I've admired through the gram for so long! 


The coolest thing I saw....

The best part of my trip was the Whispering Wall in Grand Central Station. Who doesn’t like secret whispering walls?! Stand diagonal across from a friend (or stranger) and whisper sweet nothings. This was probably my favorite part of New York. 


I spent the night in the Soho Grand. Quick tip: check in is on the 2nd floor.... not at the desk on the first floor that looks like a check in desk. That took me a few minutes to figure out. Hotel was comfy and had everything I needed. I took a hot bath and snuggled up in the soft robe which is always my favorite part about hotels. The rooms had a cool design but the weirdest thing was that there was a huge walk in closet in the small hotel room. I am an efficiency queen so that was weird to me, but I guess the cool design made up for it. 

Have any of you been to New York?! Next time I go back what else should I do or see?! Comment below!