My Go To Yoga Pose

If I only have time for a quick stretch then Pigeon is my go to pose! It feels SOOO good and has plenty of amazing benefits. There are also a zillion variations to change up this stretch. That's why I include this pose in almost every single one of my classes. 


Pigeon Pose Yoga Blog


  • Stretches the glutes, psoas, hip flexors, and groin

  • Helps relieve sciatica and back pain

  • Calms stress and anxiety

How to:

1. From a table top position bring your right knee forward and set it down behind your right wrist.

2. Square off your hips.

3. Come down to your forearms, or even lay your chest down to relax deeper into the pose.

4. Option to grab your back foot and pull it in for a quad stretch. If you cannot reach your back foot then you can use a strap around the foot to pull in it. 

5. Repeat other side  

Go to yoga pose: Pigeon (yoga Blog)


  • To make the pose deeper bring your front shin parallel with the front of your mat.

  • Try your best to relax into this pose, letting go of any tension in the hips and quad.

  • It is natural to want to roll your hips open in this pose, so continually bring your focus back to squaring off you hips.

  • Stay in this pose as long as it feels good!