5 ways to Rejuvenate   

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Feeling drained? Lost your mermaid tail and now operating on two left feet? Or are you just feeling a tad blue? Well you are not alone, at least once every couple weeks I feel like I need to reset my routine and just return back to my central balanced self and just relax a little. Often times we get so caught up in the day to day of our jobs and our responsibilities that we forget to give ourselves the time that we give everything else in our lives. This blog is for my grinders, the hard workers who don’t think they have time for a little me time. Let me tell you a little something YOU DO. Always invest in yourself and always remember that your me time is valid and worth it! Here are my favorite 5 ways to rejuvenate:

1.     Foam Rolling

If you’ve been reading for awhile you may remember a blog post I did awhile ago on the importance of foam rolling for preventing injuries and ensuring consistency in your workouts. Well something I only slightly mentioned back then is that foam rolling is so very good for stress release. By rolling out all your built up muscle tension you will in turn release those pockets of stress hiding inside and by the end feel happy and more importantly super stretched and ready for the day! 

2.     Massage Chair, uh duh!

Yoga Ky Massage Chair Blog

My favorite thing to do after I am finished with my yoga stretches and my handstands is to sit down and relax in my Premium SL Track Heated Compact Massage Chair by CirC. This chair is absolute magic there is no better cure for a sore back than a heated massage.


Some massage chairs are nice for a minute but eventually become uncomfortable and itchy, but not this one. My favorite part about this chair (besides the heat) is that it actually gives you a full body massage from your shoulders all the way down to your hamstrings. This chair is also set at the perfect posture so that I am in a cozy position and I literally never want to get up. I’m actually writing this blog while in the chair… This chair is also great to hop in right before you go to bed as it relaxes you so deeply that you could fall asleep. Read more about this massage chair HERE.

I got mine from Johnson Fitness, if you’re interested in getting one for yourself click here.


After a long day of work there’s nothing I love more than drawing a warm bath, lighting some sea spray scented candles and putting some seashells on my eyes (I mean cucumbers, or do I?). The most essential thing I do in the bath besides relax, is I like to use mermaid bath salts and sometimes even blue bath bombs to help me feel like I’m really relaxing in the ocean and not just my bathtub. I love to lather on my coconut sugar face scrub on my face and sometimes all over my body. It feels so good and my skin is silky smooth after. 

4.     Getting a Good Night's Sleep

As most health practitioners will tell you getting a good night's sleep is essential to fully function as a human being but improving your quality of sleep by going to bed just a little earlier and increasing your deep sleep time can improve your outlook on the day when you wake up. But, if you’re like me and have some issues falling asleep here's some tips to help you hit the hay a little quicker.

  • Turn off electronics a few hours before bed time

  • Eat an earlier dinner, at least 3 hours before you go to bed

  • Set a nightly routine

5.   Eat yo veggies

There is nothing that impacts your overall demeanor more than what you put in your mouth. If you eat crap you’re probably going to feel like crap but if you nourish your body with veggies then you give yourself a fighting chance to be rejuvenated and balanced. Nutrition is essential for recovery so always put em on your plate no matter what! If you aren’t a veggie person visit my food blogs where I have provided a number of recipes that disguise veggies (spoiler there's cauliflower mac n cheese so….) 

What are your favorite ways to relax and refresh? Comment below!