Organic Vegan Skincare Routine: Brighter Happier Skin

I have been getting a lot of emails asking about my skincare routine so I decided to finally share it with you.  I have put a lot of research into products, companies, and ingredients because it is important for me to only use products that are healthy and cruelty free. I literally have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of companies I love, ingredients I don’t love, and how well those products work. My spreadsheet includes everything from cosmetics to house cleaners (maybe one day I will share that with you).  Ultimately, it saves me time and money by evaluating products before I purchase them.  I cannot stand the idea of using harsh chemicals for beauty. So I would like to share OSEA Skincare with you (OSEA stands for Ocean – Sun – Earth – Atmosphere). They are an organic, vegan, cruelty free, family run skin care brand that I LOVE. The base of most of their formulas is seaweed that is eco-responsibly harvested, hand-picked, washed with fresh water and sun-dried on special drying beds. Best of all their seaweed is USDA certified organic!

Organic Vegan Skincare Routine:

Ocean Cleanser Refreshing, Mineralizing Cleanser

I use the Ocean Cleanser in the morning and at night to remove makeup and dirt. The texture is silky and the best part is that it actually works. My face is visibly cleaner and brighter.

  • Made with Red Algae which makes this refreshing cleanser extremely rich in mineral salts, dermal proteins, micro-elements, and amino acids.
  • Dermal proteins and amino acids stimulate collagen production and reduce effects of photo aging.
  • Contains citrus, cypress, juniper, and jasmine essential oils which give this cleanser its delightful scent!

Ocean Cleansing Mudd– An Exfoliating Deep Pore and Oil-Controlling Cleanser

I use the Mud once a week or so to even out my skin tone and to unclog pores. It feels tingly and my skin instantly feels happier. 

  • Made with Macrocystis, Laminaria and Fucus seaweeds which are mineral rich and contain trace elements that soothe and hydrate the skin.
  • Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils have anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties giving the Mudd a deeply purifying effect, promotes a healthy pH balance, prevents blemishes, and leaves a tingling sensation!

Essential Hydrating Oil– A Restorative Treatment for Aging, Dry and Sun-Damaged Skin

I use the oil after I wash my face with the cleanser every morning and night. Hello hydration!

  • Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Calendula and Geranium oils are deeply hydrating and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  These oils are anti-inflammatory and also anti-septic.
  • Made with macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and citrus to hydrate and increase skin’s elasticity.

Atmosphere Protection Cream– A Light-Weight Daily Moisturizer that Hydrates and Protects Against Environmental Damage

I use the protection cream after the oil to seal in hydration. It leaves my face moisturized without feeling too oily.

  • Second ingredient is Algae Extract, which has firming and soothing properties, helps the skin retain moisture, and gives this light weight cream its silky texture.
  • Also contains:
    • Vitamin E – strengthens collagen and increases elasticity;
    • Macadamia seed oil – mimics human sebum which protects skin;
    • Calendula, lavender, chamomile essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and also gives it a lovely natural scent!

Anti-Aging Body Balm– A Botanical Paradise for Your Skin

I use the body balm to moisturize all over! I am a little obsessed so I use it multiple times a day!

  • Alaria Esculenta marine extract improves the skin’s elasticity
  • Macrocystis algae is high in iodine, vitamins and minerals to heal sun-damaged skin and prevent wrinkles
  • Botanical Coconut and Babassu oils are readily absorbed and rejuvenate dry, flaky skin and give this balm its amazing scent.