Cowspiracy Review

I am sure by now most of you have heard about Cowspiracy and how it approaches the concept of the meat industry in an entirely new light. I know this mini review is way overdue but it's never too late to share the epicness of this film.

Most documentaries on this topic appeal to the audience's emotions, highlighting things like animal abuse in factories and what meat consumption does to our bodies. While these documentaries are still good, it’s always nice to get another perspective on the topic, and that’s just what this documentary does; instead of approaching it from an ethical standpoint, Cowspiracy discusses the environmental impact of the meat industry.

Without giving too much away (I still want everyone reading this to go watch the documentary for yourself) there were definitely a few things that stood out from the film. Every single statistic was hard hitting, but especially that 51% of greenhouse gas emissions came from livestock, while only 13% comes from the transportation industry. (Click here to read more statistics from the movie). I just sat there watching the movie in shock, unable to even get up from the couch to grab a glass of water. My eyes were glued to the screen, and even afterwards, things from the movie will still pop up in my mind.

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I’ve known from a very young age why I didn’t want to eat animals for ethical reasons, but this documentary opened up my eyes to the impact on the environment as well, and it’s devastating. Not only does the livestock industry create more pollution than any other, it also takes insane amounts of water to kill and process animals into the food that shows up on our tables. This is yet another reason that I choose not to consume animal products, and if the other ethical reasons haven’t made up your mind yet, this documentary is definitely worth taking a look at. Sometimes all we need is to see things from a different perspective to gain empathy, and Cowspiracy does just that.

Have you watched it?! If so comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.