How To Use Yoga Props

Yoga props are a great way to expand your yoga practice no matter your skill level because props can be used to both modify and deepen certain poses. The most popular yoga props include blocks, straps, and wheels. If you’ve seen these props and have been confused on how to use them, then keep reading.


In this blog post I featured cork yoga props from The Asanas Yoga. I prefer to use cork props because they are sturdier and have a way better grip than other materials. Plus, cork is all natural, biodegradable, and free from any harmful ingredients. Cork is actually the bark from the Cork Oak Tree which grows in the Mediterranean area. It is also the only tree that regenerates its stripped bark, so cork can be harvested without any harm coming to the trees which makes my hippie heart super happy. You can read more about this HERE.

How to use Yoga Blocks:

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks can be used in many different poses. For beginners, the block essentially is a crutch to help find balance and space within the postures. For more experienced yogis, blocks can be used to create more of a challenge and deepen your stretch.



Triangle Pose: Use the block under your hand to create length in the side body. This will prevent you from losing your form as well as your balance.


Butterfly: Try sitting on a block to help your hips tilt forward. This should take any strain out of the lower back and help you get more out of the stretch.


Seated Forward Fold: If you are more flexible and want a challenge then try placing the blocks in front of your feet as you fold forward. Start with one and if it feels easy then try adding a second block.

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How to use a Yoga Strap:

Yoga Strap

Straps are a great tool to create more space within certain yoga poses. If you can’t reach your feet or hands in a pose, then straps will allow you to practice the same stretch without having to compromise your form.



Quad Stretches: If grabbing your back foot for a quad stretch is too hard then use a strap to grab your foot instead. Eventually, try to shorten the length of the strap until you can comfortably reach your foot without the strap.


Seated Forward Fold: If you can’t reach your toes with the correct form then use a strap around your feet. Grab onto the sides of the strap and pull yourself down gently. Keep your spine long as you reach your chest forward.

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How to use a Yoga Wheel:

Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels quickly became one of my favorite yoga props. They are most commonly used for opening up your shoulders and spine.

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Backbends: Place the wheel behind you and slowly lay back onto it. Rock slowly back and forth allowing the wheel to roll up and down your spine. Use your hands on the ground for support. I love this pose because it feels like a back massage while opening the chest and shoulders.


Kapotasana: Start on your knees and place the wheel behind you so it is almost touching your tailbone. Slowly make your way back onto the wheel as you reach your hands back to grab the sides of the wheel. Next try to gently bring the top of your head and your elbows to touch the ground. The wheel works as a crutch in this pose, allowing you to have support and focus on the flexibility aspect of this pose.


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