How To Eat Vegan On An Airplane!

What can a vegan eat on an airplane? Nothing…. you are going to starve! (kidding)

You can eat anything you want! Travelling doesn’t need to be stressful or throw your vegan diet off, just make sure you are prepared and know the rules.  Back in the day I would let travelling ruin my normal diet.  I would eat the crappy processed food on airplanes or find whatever I could in the airport. But eating crappy=feeling crappy and who wants to not feel awesome on vacations! Nowadays my diet is completely plant-based. Meaning lots of fruits and veggies with a little healthy fats. I no longer rely on processed imitation meats, protein powders, and fatty oils to make my meals (which is a topic for another day). Therefore it is pretty easy to eat vegan and travel!!

Generally, you can bring food on flights. As always liquids are a no-no. Fruit is great for travelling but make sure it is not canned, jarred, or sitting in liquid. Check with your airline for exact rules.

International Flights: Many people think you can’t bring food on board because you are flying international. However, as long as you eat it all up by the time you land you are golden. Taking food into different countries is generally not allowed.

Long Flights: I usually pack a bunch of fruit. Apples, grapes, and clementines are my favorite travel fruits because they are not messy and travel well. If I have a layover I will grab a banana, or a smoothie at a juice place, or a salad depending on the airport. Denver (Colorado) airport is my FAVORITE.They have restaurants with vegan options and some little stands that have some awesome vegan to-go options. Last week on my way home from the Caribbean I only had like 10 minutes to spare so I got a to-go sesame tofu kale salad and a veggie hummus box with dates for dessert! It was delicious! They also had many other healthy vegan treats as well.

Short flights: I usually just bring some fruit to snack on. You can buy fruit in the airport but from my experience it is not as fresh and is more expensive.

Other Airplane Tips to Make Your Trip Easy Breezy: 

  • Bring a hat or a hoodie you can pull over your eyes to catch some ZZZs.
  • Bring earplugs so your nap won’t be interrupted from crying babies.
  • Wear flip flops for easy removal through security, but bring socks to keep your feet from freezing on the airplane.
  • Rent/download a movie (or two) from iTunes on your iPad or iPhone. You can watch your movie as soon as you sit down and don’t need to put it away during takeoff and landing (unlike a laptop). Sometimes during international landings they will make you put away ALL devices.
  • Stay hydrated!! I hate peeing on planes! lol So here is my trick to avoid it…on the way to the airport I drink a huge water bottle then use the restroom before the flight. Towards the end of the flight I drink another huge water bottle so I can use the rest room on my layover or after the flight. BAM

What are you favorite flying tips/tricks?? Comment below!