How To: Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise is a standing balance pose that requires a combination of strength and flexibility. To get into this pose you must move slowly and with intention. 

Bird of Paradise Pose

Step 1:

Start from a low squat, with your hands heart center. Sink your hips down, as you lift your chest.  Press your elbows into your inner thighs to help stretch the inner hips. 


Step 2:

Reach your left arm under your left thigh, as your right arm reaches up and open.  Try to bring the left arm as far back as possible, so that the thigh is high up onto your shoulder.

How to do: Bird of paradise

Step 3:

Bend your arms and clasp your hands behind your back. If you cannot reach, use a strap or towel to hold onto in between your hands. If you can reach and you want to make it deeper, then see if you can bring your left hand around your right wrist. 

How to do: Bird of paradise

Step 4:

Find a focus point on the ground in front of you. Start to transfer your weight into you right leg as you stand up.  Spread the toes on your right foot and ground down into the earth. Engage your core, and be careful not to let the left leg slip too far down the left arm. 

How to do: Bird of paradise

Step 5:

Slowly lift up to a standing position, changing your focus point to something eye level. Keep you shoulders drawn back as you stand up to help counter balance the weight of your bound leg. 

How to do: Bird of paradise

Step 6:

Fully extend your left leg for a full Bird of Paradise Pose. Hold for 5 slow breaths. To come out of this pose, reverse the sequence. Then try your other side! 


Remember that wobbling around a bit is normal. Just try to move very slowly, and keep your core engaged the entire time. Keep your energy reaching up through the crown of your head and through your extended leg. If you try this pose I would love to know how it went! Comment below. :)