Worlds BEST & Healthiest Vegan Chocolate Pudding

If you are looking for the world’s best tasting and healthiest vegan chocolate pudding recipe, then you have officially found it. This pudding is super chocolaty, creamy, and delicious. The recipe is dairy free, egg free, gluten free, and made from all natural plant-based ingredients. The base of this vegan chocolate pudding is avocado and dates. Yes, I said avocado. But don’t freak out, I promise that the worlds healthiest vegan chocolate pudding does not taste like guacamole! The avocado is used as a healthy fat to give the chocolate pudding a creamy texture. What about the dates?! The dates help to thicken the pudding while acting as a natural sweetener. Below you will find the recipe along with a few ways to customize it for your own taste buds.

Healthiest Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe:

1 Avocado
4 Dates
4 TBS Cacao powder (or cocoa)
3/4 Cup Milk of Choice (I used unsweetened vanilla almond)
Sweetener of choice- I used 3 TBS Coconut sugar + 2 Droppers of Liquid Stevia
Pinch of salt
Optional toppings: Hemp seeds, shredded coconut, cacao nibs

Healthiest Vegan Chocolate Pudding Directions:

Place the avocado, dates, cacao, sweetener, and half of the milk into a food processor. Let it run for a few minutes, stopping every 20-30 seconds to scrape off the lid and sides. Depending on the size of the avocado/dates you will need to use more or less milk and sweetener. Check out the consistency and add the rest of the milk if needed. Let the food processor run for about 5-8 minutes to break down the dates smoothly, stopping every minute or two to scrape the sides. Once your chocolate pudding has a good consistency blend in a pinch of salt. Now it’s time for a taste test! I am all about contouring desserts to your taste buds, so don’t be scared to experiment a little bit. This recipe is meant to be a rich, dark, decadent dessert. If you want a lighter and sweeter pudding then add more dates, sweetener, and milk. Makes 2-4 servings of the Healthiest Vegan Chocolate Pudding..or one big serving if you are really hungry. lol


For a dark tasting chocolate pudding use coconut sugar or stevia as the sweetener.
For a sweeter flavor use more dates and sweeten with agave, coconut nectar, or honey if you are not vegan.
I used a small avocado for this recipe, so if you are using a large avocado that is double the size then remember to double the rest of your ingredients.
If you are looking for some Cacao Click Here to get the one I used for this recipe.