The Best Yoga Poses To Practice At The Beach

Open your heart and find some balance.  Two of my favorite types of yoga poses to practice at the beach are heart openers and balancing poses.

 Balancing Poses


Balancing poses are super humbling on the sand. I love the challenge because it makes me become so present in the moment. I feel the sand shifting under me and I learn to move with it and find balance on a less than ideal foundation.  This directly applies to how I try to live my life; constantly finding balance and calm in the chaos.


Standing One Leg King Pigeon

How to: Start standing with feet hip distance and find a focus point. Keep a soft bend in your left leg as you lift your right foot behind you grabbing it with your right hand. Take a deep inhale as you kick your foot into your hand lifting your leg higher. Reach up and back with your left hand and grab on to the right foot. Keep your chest lifted and hold for 5 slow breaths. Remember to try both sides.

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Forearm Stand

How to: Start in dolphin pose, lift one leg to the sky, and push-off your bottom leg to lift into your forearm stand. For the variation below extend your back leg and bend your front leg.  Hold for 5-10 breaths and practice both sides!

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Heart openers are awesome to practice at the beach because the ocean has a tendency to make my walls come down. To fully experience the true purpose of heart opening yoga poses you need to let your guard down.


King Pigeon

 How to: Start in a kneeling position with your knees hip distance and hands heart center.  Inhale as you start to bend back keeping your spine long. Once you get halfway down reach your hands up and overhead towards the floor. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the top of your head onto the mat. Walk your hands towards your feet and take 5 deep breaths. Keep your hips pressing forward and chest open.

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Wheel (Legs straight variation)

How to: Start laying down on your back. Bring your hands by your ears with your fingertips facing your shoulders. Inhale as you press your hands and feet into the mat as you lift your hips up, bringing the top of your head onto the mat. Take an exhale and make any adjustments you need to. Inhale as you lift your hips higher and your head off of the mat. Start to straighten your arms as you rotate your shoulder blades away from each other. If you feel good then straighten your legs for a deeper back bend. Hold for 5 breaths.

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