Simple Smoothie to Make Mornings Easier

Wednesdays are hard. Beyond just the typical middle-of-the-week slump, Wednesdays are typically my busiest day. I get up early, workout, and then go to the studio to teach all day. It takes a lot of energy to make it through the day, and that's why eating a solid breakfast is more important to me on Wednesdays than any other.

That's why I chose to share this blog today! Not only is this smoothie bowl super nutritious, it only takes a minute to make, and is easy to take with me in the car (it just has to become a smoothie cup). There's only three simple ingredients that anyone has on hand, and since it's so simple, it goes well with tons of different things!


Strawberry banana smoothie bowl


1. 1/2 cup frozen strawberries

2. 1 frozen banana

3. 1/4-1/3 cup coconut milk


To make this, simply put all the ingredients in a blender, adding as much milk is necessary for it to blend well. Then you can add in whatever toppings you'd like! Personally, I like adding in whole banana slices and oats, so that I can have a little texture and also provide a food group not already in the bowl. Then enjoy, and make your Wednesday infinitely better!