My Life on the Run + $250 Giveaway!

I LOVE my life on the run. My days are never the same and are far from boring. As a yoga teacher I have an inconsistent and sporadic schedule. I workout, run, and get my yoga on whenever I can.  Staying active is a lifestyle choice that I make everyday. 

If it is a priority you will make it happen, if it’s not then you’ll make an excuse.  

When it comes to running it is a love/hate relationship. I hate the anticipation of needing to get my run in, and I hate the first few minutes when my body is like “WHYYY”. But my list of loves is wayyyyy longer.

  • I love the feeling of catching my second wind.
  • I love when my pace matches the beat of the song.
  • I love the runners high when I feel invincible.
  • I love looking forward to listening to my playlist.
  • I love feeling accomplished when my run is done.
  • I love the results my body gets from running.

Goal Setting

I am a big believer in setting goals! It is very important to stay motivated. Creating plans to achieve those goals will pave the road to success. My current fitness goals this year:

  • Hold a one minute straight leg handstand.
  • Run 5 miles with ease. I am a short distance runner so 5 miles will be a huge progress for me.
  • Become more flexible in my back-bends.
  • Achieve a press up handstand!

Tools to achieve my fitness goals:

  • Map my run app- This app keeps you motivated by tracking your pace & route. You can compare your runs & track your progress.
  • Awesome playlists- I change up my playlists about once a week to keep things fresh. Sometimes it’s upbeat, other times it’s chill. Who says you can’t run to Jack Johnson?!
  • Written out workout plans- I write out my workout plans a few days out which leaves me with no excuses.
  • Lightweight activewear- The Saucony Life on the Run Collection is perfect. It’s versatile and allows me to achieve my goals in style.  Some days I will go from a morning run, to meditation, teaching yoga, and running errands without having to change outfits thanks to this collection.
  • A dream board- Make a poster board of your goals/dreams and put it on your wall. Wake up every morning with your goals staring you in the face.

Giveaway!!! Saucony will be giving away a $250  giftcard to 1 lucky winner!
To enter simply go to this post on Instagram and: 
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**Winners announced in the caption of this photo on Instagram on Monday (6/20/16)! 


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