How to Master Your Inversion Practice

Inversion Tips & Tricks!

Inversions are my favorite part of yoga. They are challenging, humbling, and work your whole body. Here are some of my best tips and tricks to master your inversion practice!


  •  The most important part of headstands is to find your triangle of balance. This means keeping your elbows pulled inward so your three points are your elbows and your head.
  • Double check that you are balancing on the center of your head. It is common for people to go too far forward or too far back, which will leave you with a really sore neck and an unbalance headstand.
  • Remember to not jump or kick into your headstand. Instead shift your hips over your head and lift your legs using your core!



  • Distribute your weight from your fingertips to your elbows.
  • Stag leg forearm stands are the easiest to learn because you can shift your legs back and forth like a seesaw.
  • Keep you entire shoulder girdle engaged so you don’t sink into your shoulders.
  • Move slowly and adjust your balance as needed. Don’t feel like you have to stay perfectly still the whole time.




  • When you are first learning handstands use a wall to help you balance so you can hold it for longer periods of time. This will help build your strength.
  • Spread your fingers and press you fingers down like breaks. Building strength in your hands is essential.
  • Keep your core and lats engaged the entire time.
  • Feel like you are pressing the ground away from you.
  • Know where you are going to fall. Make sure there is room around your falling zone so you don’t break any precious valuables or body parts!


One arm handstand:

  • Start by practicing your handstand against a wall and doing shoulder taps. Try to tap your opposite shoulder and then switch 10 times!
  • Next use the wall to hold your one-armed handstand for 5 breaths. Transfer your weight completely over one arm, and lift to your fingertips with the weightless arm. When you feel balanced see if you can lift your hand off of the ground.
  • When you want to try one arm handstands in the center start by finding your balance in your favorite handstand. Then transfer you weight over one arm, when you are ready to lift your opposite arm start by only lifting it a few inches off of the ground. Keeping your hand a few inches from the ground until you feel more confident is a good idea so you can return it quickly if needed.

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