How To Get Manic Panic Out Of Your hair!

We all have been there!!! You feel the urge to do something different to you hair. Cutting it is too dramitic but dying it bright blue…now that is perfect. So you go with your impulse, grab that bottle, slap some dye on your hair, and within about 60 minutes you got some stellar turquoise locks.  Then in about a week you realize your going on a family vacation to the Caribbean and simply don’t want blue hair in family photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love colored hair. It’s fun, wild, and seems so free. I just rather not have it in “nice” photos.

Now if you are anything like me then you can understand the need of finding a “natural” way to get Manic Panic out of my hair. My hair is simply too processed to handle any more unnecessary chemicals.

What I Tried:

I searched the internet and found the most common tactic is mixing some baking soda with shampoo and washing often. So I tried it, I left it in my hair for hours and scrubbed it twice a day. How did it work? Well, not very good. At first a bunch of dye came out, leaving my hair green. Then it faded a bit more but was still green. I am sure this process would work if I had at least 2 weeks but I only had a few days left! Also, I had to get my roots done in the middle of all of this which meant my hair stylist just had to work around the blue!

Next, I tried swimming in the pool/hot tub which kinda of helped but still not enough. Before I knew it I was on an airplane with green hair. But, whatever its just hair….I’m not going to cry about it! lol

What Worked!

The next day I woke up in the gorgeous Caribbean and of course on of the first things we do it go swim in the ocean. Which seemed to do the trick. I swam around for about an hour and when I came out of the water my hair was stripped of all green color! BAM! As soon as I stopped trying I stumbled on the perfect solution.  I should of thought about this sooner; in my college days I lived on the beach, surfed everyday, and could never ever keep color in my hair for more than a week.  So if you are near an ocean and you want to strip your hair then hit the beach! If you are land locked (I’m sorry about that) then try adding some sea salt to your bathtub and make your own mini ocean! Think of it as a MERMAID BATH!