How to Be Naturally Energized

I get so many people asking me how to get energy? The secret is out: fulfill your basic human needs. Eat clean, be active, get enough sleep, and drink enough water! It sounds so simple, maybe even too good to be true. But trust me IT WORKS.

I know this all sounds so obvious right? Eat and sleep…. these are basic needs. But do you really pay attention to them? I see it all too often… you wake up tired to a dreadful alarm, chug 2 maybe 3 cups of coffee and run out the door; possibly skipping breakfast or even worse grabbing a sugar filled “energy bar”. Mid-afternoon crash you decide you need a pick-me-up so you either grab a sugary snack, another cup of coffee (make it a double), or an energy drink. Then you crash again right as you get home and maybe your drink some wine or beer as a reward for powering through a hard day. OR Maybe you decide to be "healthy" so you chug a chemical filled pre-workout and hit the gym for a late night workout. You stay up a little too late, set the alarm, and realize your only going to get 4-5 hours of sleep…. again. Sound familiar?? Don’t worry I’ve been there too. If you want to finally get off your energy roller coaster then keep reading!

My typical energizing routine consists of the following:

Sleep: I get 8 hours on a perfect night. I can wake up without an alarm and it feels magical!

Eat clean: I do not eat anything packaged unless the ingredients are 100% clean. I do not rely on a quick fix such as caffeine, energy drinks, sugar, or pre-workouts. These might sound like a great idea at the time but your body is paying the price. Your body will not be able to get a good nights rest when it is pumped full of sugar and chemicals. Try eating a salad loaded with lots of veggies for an afternoon pick-me-up. Your body will love the nutrients and you will have natural energy.

Move: I stay active! I practice yoga almost every day. I run, swim, hike, surf, or lift weights a few times a week. Exercise creates energy in your body! Try getting active first thing in the morning so there is no excuse.

Water: I carry around a 32oz refillable water bottle with me everywhere. I usually drink about 3-4 of them a day depending on my activity level. Your body needs water to function. Try cutting out sugary beverages like sodas and replacing them with water.

When I feel tired the first thing I do is evaluate these basic needs and I usually end up finding that I have been neglecting at least one category.  If you want to have natural energy and wake up feeling good then you have to build your foundation. Take a few minutes each day and write down how many hours you sleep and workout, how much water you drink and everything you eat.   Reflect on these notes and make positive changes! Try to adjust one category at a time and let yourself take a few days or even weeks to adjust.  Let me know how this goes, I love to hear from you.

Energizing Headstands

Headstands give the body and mind SO much energy! This posture sends the blood flow to your brain and stimulates your senses. If you are curious about headstands check out my YouTube Video “How to Headstand for Beginners”