Healing With Yoga And Nutrition

During the holidays stress and unhealthy food choices take a toll on the body. I teamed up with Veganrawrior to show you how to spend the holidays healing with yoga and nutrition.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is gentle and perfect for healing the body. I made a video of my favorite yin poses. Watch it and unwind.

Click here to watch

Here are a few benefits of the poses included in the video:

Butterfly: Good for the kidneys and reproductive organs. Stretches the inner thighs and outer hips.

Half Butterfly: Stimulates the liver and kidneys and aids digestion. Stretches the hamstrings and inner thighs.

Straddle: Stimulates the reproductive organs. Stretches the inner thighs, groin, and hips.

Fish: Opens the heart, stimulates the thyroid. Stretches the spine and shoulders.


Drinkt h eR a i n b o w,

by @Veganrawrior

Straight up cold-pressed beetroot, purple cabbage, pumpkin, carrot & spinach juice.

I made this cold-pressed juice series to highlight the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and the array of healing properties that each color provides.

During the Christmas period we can sometimes let our health go a little and get caught up with the silly season. Whilst it’s perfectly fine and healthy for us to indulge in all the Christmas goodies it’s important to do this in moderation.

Juices are powerful healers and re-builders, loaded with minerals, phytonutrients and life force. Every day I have a green smoothie or green juice which nourishes me both spiritually and physically. The minerals found in these juices include calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are the same minerals found in Mother Nature and help ground your energy.

One way of ensuring that you are getting a solid range of nutrients during the Christmas period is to make the effort to eat the rainbow!

We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but without variety you’ll be left unsatisfied. This can create cravings that can lead to bad food choices.

The pigments that give vegetables their colour are representative of life giving and disease fighting nutrients.

Each colour has its own vibrational frequency, ingesting a rainbow of food can help with the integration of those frequencies and their qualities. We can use food to help bring an energetic balance to our chakras.

️The root chakra is red, so the consumption of red fruit and veggies will help to keep you grounded and feel secure.

Mantra: I am grounded by Mother Earth.

Orange foods serve the sacral chakra and will move you towards a greater expression of sensuality, sexuality and bolstering your appetite for life.

Mantra: I am a sensual beautiful being.

The chakra in the solar plexus will be nurtured by all the yellow foods you eat, helping to promote your own power and sense of self worth. It will also give you greater mental clarity, permitting you the courage to try and do new things in life. So if you’re feeling a little stagnant eat more yellow!

Mantra: I am a powerful being with unlimited potential.

The heart chakra is nourished by all green foods. Green foods help with forgiveness, compassion and promoting love of self and others.

Mantra: I love myself and have compassion for all living beings.

Blue foods help to serve the throat chakra, they will help you to speak your truth, express your feelings and be true to yourself.

Mantra: I honour my truth, and allow others to hold their own truth.

Purple foods help promote the third eye chakra. They will help you learn to trust your intuition & find purpose.

Mantra: I tune inwards and allow my intuition to guide me.

Remember to be kind to yourself and others during the festive season.

Love and light Dianne @ Veganrawrior