Bakasana Made Easy

This is a fun arm balance pose! It is great for building strength and focus!

  • Use a block, it helps to get your knees higher onto the arms, and the hips higher.
  • Keep your gaze slightly forward.
  • Send your weight forward and your feet will lift like magic.

1) Perch up on your block {like a crow} planting hands wide like starfish about 6 inches in front of the block and about a hands distance apart from each other. Arms are inside of legs. Engage your bandhas! Find a spot to gaze at slightly in front of you.

2) Lift your hips as you place your knees high up on the arms, aiming for knees in armpits. If this is still to hard, try bending your elbows out to the side creating a shelf for your knees.

3) Shift your body weight forward slightly, try lifting one foot off of the block. If this is as far as you want to take it today then stay here and try switching feet.

4) Keeping your gaze up and bandhas engages try lifting both feet. Aiming to pull the feet in close to your bottom. For an extra challenge try straightening your arms! Next step is trying it without the block!

Remember to listen to your body and practice! One step at a time my friends! It may take a few falls to get this one! So if your fear is getting in the way try to place a blanket or pillow in front of you.